Corporate Support

What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?


Access to the Employee Assistance Program allows you to speak to an external provider and privately discuss any work or personal issues.


What can I use EAP for?


EAP can be used for so many different issues. Not feeling like yourself and like something is off can be enough at times. We can have a chat and identify exactly what’s going on together! Some examples are listed here.


Feeling overwhelmed
Trouble sleeping
Relationship/homelife problems
Trouble focusing
Grief and loss
Conflict and Communication
Stress and Anxiety
Maximising performance
Feeling low
Work life balance
Worry about children/family
Career counselling
Anger management


Does my employer use Walk Different as an EAP Provider?


To find out if Walk Different is an EAP Provider at your work, get in touch with your manager or get in touch with us and we will be able to inform you if we have a working relationship with your employer.​


How do I book a sessions? 


If required, speak to your Manager/HR Consultant.
Decide if you would like to complete a phone session or face to face session.
If required, choose the location you would like.
Find our who you would prefer to see (meet our psychologists).
Book your session! Either phone (02) 4244 7054 or book online.