This location is all about the lake! Picture yourself walking along the scenic foot path breathing in the fresh air or take a stroll down the long jetty and dangle your feet while you watch the water.

The lake attracts plenty of wildlife so get ready for the show with Pelicans landing on the water, birds frolicking in the trees and be sure to check out the jelly fish as they swim by!

Dapto offers seated and undercover areas as well as loads of parking options.

Meeting point 

Here is a map of where you meet your psychologist in Dapto, but don’t stress, they will give you a call the day before your session just to introduce themselves and to let you know exactly where you will find them! They will also remind you of any documents that you will need to bring along to the session, but most of all, they will make you feel at ease about the exciting journey you are about to go on!

Our Dapto Psychologists 

Our Dapto Psychologists come with their own special skill sets, experience and area of interest. Below is a little bit of information about each one of them.


Claire explains her favourite part of the role 

“It’s incredibly inspiring to watch the courage, hope and growth of the people that I work with. I learn something new from each person, young and old, and I feel so humbled to be able to do this work. It’s an honour and great privilege to share in another person’s story. “

Claire has a special interest in depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship issues, stress management, separation anxiety, and working with children.


Mollie explains her favourite part of the role:

I love seeing clients of all ages from 12 to over 100! I have a special interest in anxiety, depression and substance use disorders. I love travelling, the outdoors and (extra long) hikes. In recent years I have enjoyed working with teens and adults across a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, substance use disorders, stress, gender issues, AD/HD, and PTSD. I love connecting with people and helping them to discover strengths they didn’t know they had. I enjoy helping people learn how to better manage their mental health and transition from surviving to thriving.


Ash explains her favourite part of the role:

I love seeing the strength and courage in people even if they don’t see it themselves. I feel very privileged to share in another persons journey. I love always learning something new from the people I work with.

Ash has a special interest in depression, anxiety, addictions, grief and loss, stress management, parenting strategies and self care..

A final thought about our Dapto Psychologists is that they come with a wealth of experience and areas of expertise. If for whatever reason you are unsure of who would be most suited to you, give our friendly staff a call on (02) 4244 7054 and they will be able to point you in the right direction!