What if it rains?

All of our locations have undercover seating areas so if your session falls on a rainy day, it can still go ahead!

Do I have to walk?

There are such great benefits when including walking in the session, however if you are injured or don’t feel like walking then there are plenty of areas to sit and take in the views.

What if I see someone I know when I'm with you?

Most of our clients simply wave and continue walking, however at your first session the psychologist will run through what you would like to do if this does occur.

Remember: our sessions are done in quiet locations and our psychologists wear casual clothes.

How fast will we walk?

We are Psychologists not personal trainers so the pace is set by you! If you have an injury or prefer to just have a seat and take in the  views then we can do that too!

How did Walk Different come about?

Like all psychologists, we had an office once. In the office, great discussions were had with our clients about the benefits of being outside and walking. Clients were excited and motivated to start the change of lifestyle and take a walk, but it seemed making the first step alone was daunting and motivation dropped quickly.

This happened over and over again until one day one of our psychologists said to a client ‘get up, we are going for a walk right now!’. She was shocked but she got up and off they went. They walked on the main road just outside the office, no scenery, there was noise from the traffic flying past and the smell of exhaust fumes, but they didn’t care.

The session ended and the psychologist could already tell that this was exactly what she needed. She then trialled this approach with other clients and the results where unbelievable.

Cancellation rates dropped, outcomes improved and the clients were exercising on their own- some for the first time in years!

We were intrigued by the outcome and very quickly it became clear that we were on to something.

Not long after, we packed up the office and moved outside. This is where Walk different began.

Where do I meet the Psychologist?

Each of the locations has a specific meeting point. You will be sent the exact location via email when making an appointment. The confirmation SMS and email will also be sent to you the day before your appoitnment and both include a link to google maps so you can view it in more detail.

In addition to this, our Psychologist will call you prior to your appointment to ensure you know exactly where to meet them.

How do I know who I am meeting?

Your Psychologist will call you before your first session and give you any extra information on helping you locate them on the day. They will also have your phone number so if you are running late or get lost, they will contact you.

How long do the sessions run for?

Sessions run for 45 to 60 minutes.

What do I wear to the session?

Whatever you want! Our psychologists dress in casual clothes and you can too! The session is all about you so whatever you are comfortable in is fine with us!